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Rules for SSAC - New-Pop Cans

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: unknown

Shoot Begins: Monday, January 1, 2035
Shoot Ends: Tuesday, January 2, 2035
Scores must be Submitted by: Wednesday, January 3, 2035 and within 30 days of being shot.


New Proposed Shoot

How many people have toy that shoots, be it a BB gun, a crossbow, or handbow, that they want to take out and shoot where they had no ready target so they grab a few pop/soda cans to shoot at? Well here is to reliving that old memory and popping a few cans.

Please read the SSAC General Rules, as these apply to all SSAC shoots. Below are the additional rules for this specific shoot.

No we are not using actual soda cans, since it would take a lot cans! Instead the target will be a stand in for the cans. Using 1" foam sheeting cut 3, 3"x6" rectangles and duct tape them together to create a foam `can` that is 6" tall and 3" on each side. Each can should have a 3"x3" piece of 1/2" thick plywood be taped to the bottom to give each can some weight so they don't blow over in the slightest breeze. Make a bunch of cans as each archer will need four cans per end, so the more cans you have the more archers you can have shooting at the same time.

There will be three ends of four cans each, with 10 arrows per end. Use a spot of spray paint to mark the grass where the cans should be roughly placed to speed resetting the range. The cans may *NOT* be attached to the ground in any way, the must be free to move as they are hit!

1) Untimed - place the four cans in a diamond on the ground. With the closest can 20 yards way as the front point, the back point 2 yards behind it, and the side points one yard back and one yard to the left/right.

2) Untimed - place the four cans in a line straight across the range at 25 yards, with a foot or two between each can. Shooting cans multiple times counts.

3) Timed - place the nearest can at 10 yards, from there draw a diagonal line back with each successive can 2 yards further back and a foot or two off to the side. Start shooting at the farthest can, as you hit each move to the next closer on (so hitting a closer can does not knock over one further out).

For all the ends your score is the number of cans you hit with your 10 arrows. To count as a hit the arrow must be stuck in the can when you walk up to score. A glance or brushing the side does not count. Hitting two cans with one arrow only counts if both cans are stuck on the arrow at the same time, blowing through one and sticking in another does not count. During the un-timed rounds hit as many cans as you can with your 10 arrows, anything that sticks counts. For the timed round, shoot your four cans as fast as possible, for the Bonus Score the timer stops either when you the fourth can or shoot the tenth arrow. If it takes more then 90 seconds to shoot the four cans (or all ten arrows) there is no bonus, but the cans that are hit still count.

There is a bonus for the timed round which is recorded separately, that is 90 seconds minus the amount of time it took you to shoot your ten arrows, write down only the tens digit. For example if it takes you 52 seconds to shoot your 10 arrows your bonus is 3 (90 - 52 = 38 -> 3). The bonus can only be positive.

This shoot was suggested by:
Jonathas Reinisch

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