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Event Shoot Details

Event Cleftlands Standard Bearers
Shoot Title Cleftlands Baronial Championship
Event Date 6 Oct 2019
Marshal Cadfan of Cleftlands
Host Kingdom Middle
Host Group Cleftlands
Total Shooters 5 in attendance
Created and Marshaled by Baron Edward Brackenburye and Mistress Milesent Vibert
Due to time constraints not all entrants were able to complete the shoot. Only the archers who were present and scored the entire shoot are listed.

Target 1: Friend/Foe, 6 Arrows, Untimed - Sea creatures are coming to eat your harvest of sea flowers.
2 points for each hit on a sea creature
-1 point for each hit on a sea flower
1 Bonus point for hitting both sea creatures

Target 2: 6 Arrows, Untimed - Shoot peace signs.
2 points for each hit on a peace sign

Target 3: Unlimited Arrows, 30 seconds Timed - Shoot peace signs.
2 points for each hit on a peace sign

Target 4: 6 Arrows, Untimed - Shoot smiley faces
2 points for each hit on a smiley face

Target 5: Friend/Foe, 6 Arrows, Untimed - Target is a giant peace sign. You must shoot the openings of the peace sign. Arrows that do not hit the peace sign or score in the openings (meaning outside the drawn target) will be a larger penalty.
2 points for each hit
-1 point for hitting the peace sign itself
-2 points for landing outside the outer edge of the peace sign

  Name Group Weapon Score
1 Jolicia atte Northclyfe Cleftlands Handbow 7.00
2 Cadfan of Cleftlands Cleftlands Handbow -2.00
3 Milesent Vibert Cleftlands Handbow -4.00
4 Astrid Alexander Cleftlands Handbow -4.00
5 ((Sadey Wilson)) Cleftlands Handbow -18.00

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