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Event Shoots

Here is the list of all the Event Shoots which have been entered. Shoots which have been registered with the Grand Archery Tournament (GAT) are noted in the last column.

Date Event Shoot Host  GAT 
18 Dec 21 Yule Revel Toys 4 Tots Tournament Ansteorra - Wiesenfeuer GAT
26 Oct 19 Seawinds Defender Seawinds Archery Defender Ansteorra - Seawinds GAT
7 Sep 19 Bryn Gwlad Fall Baronial Bryn Gwlad Archery Championship Ansteorra - Bryn Gwlad  
30 Mar 19 The Mead War Hellsgate Archery Champsionship Ansteorra - Bryn Gwlad  
17 Nov 18 War of the Rams Bordermarch Baronial Championship Ansteorra - Bordermarch  
3 Nov 18 Peerless Pursuits Period Shoot Ansteorra - Shadowlands  
3 Nov 18 Peerless Pursuits Pumpkins & Ghosts & Spiders, Oh, My! Ansteorra - Shadowlands  
3 Nov 18 Peerless Pursuits Crossbow Only Castle Window Ansteorra - Shadowlands GAT
3 Nov 18 Peerless Pursuits Mongol Shoot Ansteorra - Shadowlands  

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