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Marshals Roster - Target Archery Marshal

This is a public roster of all the active Marshals, Target Archery Marshal, , with permissions to this realm. Links to email the marshal are available where the individual has allowed for a public address.

Group Name Email
Allyshia Aylwin MacNeill  
Caer Darth F. Constantinus Puteus Germanicus  
Danegeld Tor Lady Brigid O`Connor  
Eskalya Cynehild Cynesigesdohtor  
Fettburg Tashi Falcons Claw  
Hawk`s Haven Master of the Pelican Randal of Camusfearna  
Hawk`s Haven Baron Sveinn Ulfsson  
Hawk`s Haven Lord Thomas the Brewer Email  
Mists Dauid ap Morgant  
Mists Eric Ralston  
Mists Jon Fitz-Rauf  
Ravenshore Sir Erik Firediver  
Ravenshore Mistress Signy Jolinnardottir  
Ravenshore Thorvaldr Fiaksson  
Rivenoak Goran Vukovic  
Rivenoak Kensei Minamoto Shintaro Masashige  
Selveirgard Viscount Rodrigo De Reinosa  
Selveirgard Court Baron of the West Stephen de la Bere Email  
Tarnmist Baron Achmere ib` Tamim  
Tarnmist Shimon Levi Ben Yitzchak Hakohen  
Tarnmist Baron William atte Walter de Liverpoole Email  
Thistletorr Viscountess Gwendwyn the Silent  
Vinhold Bjorn Helgason  
Windy Meads Master Edward LeKervere  
Windy Meads Lord Ivar the Old  
Wolfscairn ((John Wice))  
Wolfscairn Lord James the Unhinged  
Wolfscairn Katherine inghean Seán  
Wolfscairn Lord Michael of Fox Wood  
Wolfscairn Lady Rebecca Redarrow  
Wolfscairn Lord Seán Ó Labhradha  
Wolfscairn Lady Sibéal inghean Alaxandair Email  


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