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AVACAL Archery FAQ's!

What is a Royal Round?

A Royal Round is the same for all Kingdoms and consists of four groups of shafts or bolts. For adults age 15 and up(as of November 1), the distances and times are:

  • 6 shafts/bolts (no time limit) at 40 yards
  • 6 shafts/bolts (no time limit) at 30 yards
  • 6 shafts/bolts (no time limit) at 20 yards
  • a 30-second timed shoot at 20 yards (as many shafts/bolts as you can Safely shoot in the 30 seconds)
Please note that the distances for youth and children under the age of 15 are different.
What scores may be reported?
Shoot as many rounds as you want at a published event or practice. The event s scorekeeper will submit your single highest score for each day, for each type of bow you use, for each type of shoot. (Youth under age 15 may have two scores submitted on the same day). The rankings are continuously updated within 48 hours of submission, and you can look at all of your scores, including those from prior competition years. If you see your average dropping, it is probably because your highest scores are more than 12 months old.
How are archery ranks determined?
The rank for adults age 15 and over is determined by averaging their 3 highest Royal Round scores during the 12-month period from November 1   October 31. The rank for youth age 14 and under is based on averaging their 2 highest scores. You earn a separate rank for each type of bow you use. Please refer to the An Tir Book of Target for more information on bow types and equipment.
What happens when I earn a new rank?
You will be awarded an An Tir archery medallion, following the custom in your local area. Some Baronies may award this at Court; others may allow the Baronial Archer to award the badge. In some locations the badges are awarded repeatedly in others only the first time you earn them. The badge, border colors, and scoring average for each rank are:
Unranked 0-9
Tyro 10-19 Vert
Novice Archer 20-39 Argent
Archer 40-59 Sable
Bowman 60-79 Azure
Master Bowman 80-99 Gules
Grand Master Bowman 100-119 Or
Ludicrous Bowman 120 + Or and Argent Chequy
What shows up in the reports?
Since this is an interactive database, the reports are many and awesome. The complete lists show everyone kingdom wide or region-wide by bow type and adult or youth division. You can also look at every archer in a specific barony, shire, or canton. By clicking on the number next to an archer`s name, a list of all shoots in the database for that archer appears. These can be sorted by date, shoot name, marshal, highest scores at the various distances, and total RR scores. In addition, there is a line that shows the archer`s potential highest score. You can retrieve scores older than a year...they are never lost, even though they are not included in the calculation of the current rankings.

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