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Rules for Open Royal Round

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 5/22/22

Royal Rounds
A Royal Round is set of scores resulting from shooting 6 arrows at each of 3 targets, 20, 30, and 40 yards, and a 4th score resulting from shooting an unlimited number of arrows at a target at 20 yards in a timed period of 30 seconds. The resulting additive score is a Royal Rounds score.

An unlimited number of royal rounds, per division, can be shot, per day. Only two scores (the highest) can be posted. The open division target is a standard FITA 60 cm. Each color corresponds to a score; white 1 pt, black 2 pts, blue 3 pts, red 4 pts, and gold 5 pts. Arrows breaking the color line are counted as the next higher score. Arrows bouncing off of the target face shall be counted as 3 pts unless the actual score can be verified. Archer and the Marshal shall jointly score the arrows in the target, with the Marshal making the final determination if there is a question about a scoring arrow.

Submitting Scores
The Target Archery Marshal (or MIC) will enter the scores into the SCA Scores database. There must be a minimum of 3 sets of scores entered before the scores will appear in the SCA scores public ranking page. Score data is updated at 2 AM each day.OPEN Handbow Division

The open handbow division allows both period and non-period bows, regardless if they are recurves, flatbows, or longbows to compete against each other. Arrows must be of wood shafting with feather fletching. Any type of nock maybe used. No compound handbows are allowed. No sights are allowed except markings on bow.

OPEN Crossbow Division
The open crossbow division allows both modern and period crossbows to compete against each other. No compound crossbows are allowed. Open front and rear sights are allowed. No optical sights are allowed. The prod may be made from any material and draw is unlimited. Any type of locking mechanism maybe used. The crossbow can be shot from any position except the “bench rest” position, and it must be shot from the hands. Slings may be used to carry the crossbow, but may not be used to assist in shooting it.

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