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Team Standings

Here is a list of the current Team Standings in the BLS Winter Challenge - BLS 2009-10

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 4/12/11

  Team Total Top Shooters Top Scores
1 Loch Salann 762.0 Ulfgeir de Bergen 89.0
Ryryd ap Gwerstan 87.0
Francisco di Grazzi 84.0
Bjorn Hrafnsson 80.0
Vincenzo Del`Aquila 77.0
Casamira Jawjalny 73.0
Oonaugh inghean Glaisne 71.0
Ragnarr Rodsteinn 70.0
Brokha Veis 66.0
Raina Lavrentiiovna Doch 65.0
2 568.0

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