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Group Averages

This page will allow you to select a Group and see all the averages for people claiming that group as home. Principalities and Baronies will also display names and averages for everyone within their borders. Please note that not all kingdoms have their groups listed hierarchically on their websites, Cantons included within their Baronies, and Shires and Baronies included within their Principalities. So if you are looking at a group which should include subgroups but does not please contact Sir Jonathas so that the groups may be properly listed.

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 1/13/19

Local Group
Weapon Type

Averages for ALL Groups in the Kingdom of Calontir

  Name Group Weapon Current
1 Asher of Loch Bheathrock Loch Bheathrock Period Crossbow 248.00
2 Leif of Crescent Moon Loch Bheathrock Open Bow 208.00
3 Michael de Lundie Lonely Tower Open Crossbow 197.00
4 Shane Bax Aston Tor Open Bow 195.00
5 Daniel Arrownock Moonstone Open Bow 182.00
6 Janos Katona Aston Tor Open Bow 174.00
7 Olivia Scarritt Loch Bheathrock Open Bow 154.00
8 Michael the Wanderer Oakheart Open Bow 144.00
9 Stephen of Mag Mor Mag Mor Open Bow 132.00
10 Gerald Kendall Forgotten Sea Open Bow 124.00
11 Bjarm Roriksson Lonely Tower Open Bow 117.00
12 Eden Devereaux Lonely Tower Open Bow 114.00
13 Owain the Younger Lonely Tower Open Bow 111.00
14 Roger of Bellebrocton Lonely Tower Period Bow 110.00
15 Kezia von Holzenhaus Lonely Tower Period Bow 104.00
16 Elaisse de Garrigues Oakheart Open Bow 92.00
17 Roderick de Graham Vatavia Period Bow 88.00
18 Cuthbert Longschankes Lonely Tower Open Bow 87.00
19 Yngvarr Bjornsson Three Rivers Open Bow 81.00
20 Liliana Firesinger Lonely Tower Open Bow 81.00
21 Jorunna Lonely Tower Open Bow 45.00
22 Gaius Cornelius Scipio Titianus Lonely Tower Open Bow 36.00
23 Hao Mau Three Rivers Open Bow 19.00
24 ((Krystal Norton)) Lonely Tower Open Bow 16.00


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