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Event Shoot Details

Event Hasenfeffer (Artemisian Pandemic II) Shoot.
Shoot Title Artemisian Pandemic Shoot II
Event Date 7 Aug 2020
Marshal William Thorsson
Host Kingdom Artemisia
Host Group none
Total Shooters 23 in attendance
Three `rabbits` (6` lengths of pool noodle), placed 3 feet apart, 7 yards downrange from the shooting line. Each archer shoots a 6 arrow static end and a 30 second timed end, with the sum of both ends being the total score. Each hit is scored in one of two ways. A `nick` is worth 3 points, and a `stick` is worth 5 points.

1 ((Jack Miller)) Stan Wyrm Recurve Bow 48.00
2 Vincenzo Del`Aquila Loch Salann Recurve Bow 46.00
3 Tamsyn Sutherland Silver Keep Recurve Bow 43.00
4 Alfdis Hakansdottir Loch Salann Recurve Bow 42.00
5 Wolfgang von Tolstat Silver Keep Recurve Bow 41.00
6 Jóra inn rakki Silver Keep Recurve Bow 40.00
7 Ryryd ap Gwerstan Loch Salann Long Bow 40.00
8 Germaine Jambert l`Innocente Loch Salann Recurve Bow 39.00
9 ((Craig Compher)) Stan Wyrm Long Bow 36.00
10 Gustav Hansen Loch Salann Recurve Bow 36.00
11 Duncan Fletcher Castelleone Nuovo Recurve Bow 35.00
12 Ignat Ladogin Bronzehelm Long Bow 35.00
13 Adria Termyne Silver Keep Period Bow 25.00
14 Asbjorn Bjarrnsson Silver Keep Recurve Bow 24.00
15 Isgerthr Bjargeyjardottir Sentinels` Keep Recurve Bow 24.00
16 Bytzel Helgoth Bronzehelm Recurve Bow 22.00
17 Antoine de Bueil Sentinels` Keep Recurve Bow 21.00
18 ((Kimberly Ropp)) Silver Keep Recurve Bow 20.00
19 Hugh the Bowyer Bronzehelm Long Bow 14.00
20 Corinna Hellefeuer Bronzehelm Recurve Bow 9.00
21 Lidia Silver Keep Recurve Bow 6.00
22 Violetta Loch Salann Recurve Bow 3.00
23 Morgan of Hawksreach Bronzehelm Recurve Bow 0.00

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