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Rules for Royal Round

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 1/1/21

Royal Round - Target Archery

Archers who show skill on the archery field are recognized with a rank. This ranking is based on the average of three (3) Royal Rounds, shot with a one year time period. Once a person achieves a ranking, it is a lifetime recognition that cannot be changed unless the archer increases his/her ranking. If a gentle achieves a ranking within another Kingdom, they maintain this ranking from another Kingdom, but must earn an Artemisian rank separately.

Shooting for scores may occur if you have the following:

  • An Archery Range which meets Kingdom of Artemisia Safety Guidelines.
  • A Warranted Target Archery Marshal with one witness present for scores to be official (two people minimum). The witness needs to be an SCA Member in good standing and be able to discuss the Target Archery Scoring System if asked by the Archer General or a Deputy at some point in the future.
  • An official practice or event.
  • Royal Round score sheets indicating the date, event, Marshal, and scores for the archer(s) seeking ranking should be submitted to the MiC. Once the MiC has recorded the scores they should be passed on to the appropriate Missile Weapons Captain and in turn to the Archer General.

Royal Round Rankings:
Royal Round Rankings and what they encompass for an Archer are important to the Archer as an individual. They are the way that each Archer can rate themselves against their previous scores and assess their improvement over time. An archer cannot shoot more than one Royal Round in a day to count toward their ranking. Archers who achieve a ranking of Bowmaster or higher may have their ranking presented to them in Kingdom Court.

The rankings are:

  • Yeoman: A Yeoman is a gentle who understands the basics of Target Archery, knows the rules of the line, and is familiar with different competitions. A Archer must have three Royal Rounds with an average of 20 - 39 points.
  • Woodsman: A Woodsman is able to take the skills of a Yeoman to the next higher level. An Woodsman must have three Royal Rounds with an average of 40 - 59 points.
  • Ranger: A Ranger exhibits all of the qualities of a Woodsman and is encouraged to become a Warranted Archery Marshal. A Ranger must have three Royal Rounds with an average of 60 - 79 points.
  • Bowmaster: A Bowmaster is the same as a Ranger with three Royal Rounds averaging 80 - 99 points.
  • Grand Bowmaster: A Grand Bowmaster is the same as a Bowmaster with three Royal Rounds averaging 100 - 119 points.
  • Ludicrous Bowmaster: A Ludicrous Bowmaster is a gentle who has brought the art of the bow and arrow to an unprecedented level by shooting three Royal Rounds averaging 120 or better.


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