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Rules for Royal Round

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 5/7/24

Archery Ranking System in the Kingdom of Atlantia - Royal Rounds
(Version 3.0)

  1. Rules for Shoots
    1. The Royal Round
      1. The Atlantian Archery Ranking System shall be based on this standardized shoot.
        1. The Archery Ranking System is described in Section II.
      2. This shoot shall be shot at standard five color round targets as described in Section III.
      3. The center of the target is recommended to be between two and four feet above the ground. (Arrows skipping off the ground and into the target will be scored as 0)
      4. The shoot will consist of one end of six shafts each shot at 20, 30, and 40 yards, and a 30-second timed round at 20 yards.
        1. All distances shall be measured, not paced.
      5. The following rules shall govern the running of the Royal Round.
        1. It is the marshal�s discretion as to what order the ends will be shot, save that all ends and the timed round for a given Royal Round must be consecutive.
        2. Archers must declare the beginning of their Royal Round. It is not permissible to shoot several Royal Rounds and then pick the best four consecutive scores.
        3. No restriction is placed on the number of Royal Rounds that may be shot on any given day. However, only the three highest scoring rounds, per bow type, per archer, can be submitted and will be counted for a single day.
      6. The rules in Section III shall govern the scoring of the Royal Round.
        1. For Royal Round scores to be eligible for submission to the Scorekeeper, they must be witnessed and recorded by a warranted Atlantian archery marshal.
        2. Royal Rounds may be scored anywhere, anytime, an Atlantian archery marshal is present to witness/record it.
        3. A marshal may witness scores for him/herself.
      7. Rules for the Royal Round as to type of equipment, divisions, and specifics of the shoot will be amended as new regulations are released from the Atlantian Deputy Earl Marshal for Target Archery, or his/her appointed deputy.
      8. Bows will be classified into the following bow types.[1] These types are based upon the construction technique and style of the bow. Each bow shall be classified only as one of the following bow types, with precedence given to the type listed higher on the list. This means, for example, that if you have a bow that qualifies as a Period Handbow, you may not use it to also score rounds as a `Longbow`. When in doubt, contact the Kingdom Target Archery Marshal for clarification. Note that these classifications may differ from other Kingdoms, IKAC, Winter Challenge, etc.
        1. Crossbow - This category holds all crossbows. (Bows mounted to a stock, with a mechanical release). No crossbows with a modern pistol grip, modern rifle or air-rifle-style stock shall be used; therefore, all crossbows are of period-style, and therefore there is no separate period category for crossbows.
        2. Period Handbow - This category is designed to hold all handbows of period construction, made in a period manner, only allowing moderate changes for modern safety. This category therefore holds all bows, be they straight or recurved, that meet the following construction guidelines:
          1. The bow shall not have a center cut arrow shelf. Built-up shelves (such as a piece of cork wrapped onto the bow), markings, or narrow notches (no more than an arrow width), are acceptible.
          2. The bow must have a solid core of wood, or other period material. It may have a single backing, and/or a belly lamination of any material. However a period handbow should not simply have three thin laminations with the power coming from the laminations. Otherwise the bow must meet the qualifications listed in the following rule.
          3. Alternatively, the bow can be of a style that can be documented to exist in period, whose construction doesn`t meet the qualifications as given above. However, it must be constructed predominately of period materials (small exceptions allowed for safety), and assembled in a period manner (in regards to the structure, laminations, shape, etc). This, for example, would include japanese bows made of multiple bamboo laminations or Mongolian style bows made of multiple laminations of wood and horn. It does not include, for example, bows made primarily of modern material, such as a solid fiberglass longbow.
        3. Recurve - This covers all other SCA legal bows that have their tips recurved (curved away from the archer) when the bow is strung. It does not matter how severe the curving is.
        4. Longbow - This then holds all other SCA legal handbows, not described above.
      9. Royal Round scores for submission are to be sent to the Target Archery Scorekeeper within 30 days of the date shot, (regardless of one score or 100 scores) and must include all of the information listed below.
        1. The recording marshal�s full SCA name.
        2. The date and place that the Royal Round was shot.
        3. The archer�s full SCA and mundane name.
        4. The name of the archer�s home SCA group.
        5. The score shot at each range and the total, in the following order, 40 yards, 30 yards, 20 yards, timed Round and Total.
        6. The type of bow the score was shot with. A single bow must be used to record a Royal Round.
  2. The Archery Ranking System
    1. The ranking system is designed to provide the archers of the Kingdom with a means to compare levels of skill. It is administered solely by the Atlantian Deputy Earl Marshal for Target Archery and staff. The rankings are not to be considered titles and carry no rank on the Order of Precedence.
    2. Rankings shall be determined by averaging the three highest Royal Round scores shot and submitted to the Target Archery Scorekeeper within the last 12 months.
      1. Scores that are older than 12 months from the date shot will be dropped from the records and may not be used in calculating an archer�s average.
      2. Archers that have submitted less than three scores to the Target Archery Scorekeeper will be noted to have less than three scores and will not be ranked.
    3. The rankings and their required averages are listed below:
      1. Novice: Any archer that has submitted three Royal Round scores.
      2. Archer: Those with an average of 20 or greater, yet less than 40.
      3. Marksman: Those with an average of 40 or greater, yet less than 60.
      4. Bowman: Those with an average of 60 or greater, yet less than 80.
      5. Bowman Elite: Those with an average of 80 or greater, yet less than 100.
      6. Grand Bowman Elite: Those with an average of 100 or greater.
    4. Each archer is entitled to wear a badge that signifies his/her rank, as described below. Everyone is entitled to wear the highest ranking badge that they have earned permanently.
      1. Novices bear no badge.
      2. Archers may bear three crossed black arrows on a field of silver, with a bordure of black.
      3. Marksmen may bear three crossed black arrows on a field of silver, with a bordure of blue.
      4. Bowmen may bear three crossed silver arrows on a field of red, with a bordure of silver.
      5. Bowman Elite may bear three crossed black arrows on a field of gold, within a border of red.
      6. Grand Bowman Elite may bear three crossed black arrows on a field of gold, within a black annulet (a thin line which is inset from the edge of the badge).
    5. Presentation of Badges
      1. Archer, Marksman, and Bowman badges may be presented by the Crown, the Coronet, a member of the local nobility, the Atlantian Deputy Earl Marshal for Target Archery, or his/her deputies.
      2. Bowman Elite and Grand Bowman Elite are of sufficient note that the Crown of Atlantia reserves the right to present them at Royal Court.
      3. The presentation of Bowman Elite and Grand Bowman Elite badges must be arranged with the Atlantian Deputy Earl Marshal for Target Archery.
      4. No ranking will be recognized until the Target Archery Scorekeeper has received and accepted the necessary scores. This will be confirmed by the Atlantian Deputy Earl Marshal for Target Archery.
  3. Scoring Rules
    1. Scoring shall be on a standard five color round target.
      1. Targets (NAA-FITA standard 60 centimeter round targets) shall be divided into five concentric circles of contrasting color, divided by black lines.
      2. The order of color, from outside to center shall be white, black, blue, red and yellow.
      3. The point value of each ring, from outside to center, shall be 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
    2. Any shaft touching the line marking the outer edge of a scoring area shall be scored as if it were within the scoring area.
      1. A shaft touching the line between two scoring areas shall count for the higher of the two values.
    3. In the event of a pass-through or a bounce off, if it can be determined where the shaft struck the target, it will be accorded the witnessed value, else it will be accorded a value of three.
      1. In order for a pass-through or a bounce off to be accorded its witnessed value, someone other than the archer who launched the shaft must attest to its value.

[1] For some examples of which bow fits which category, please reference a posting to the Archers mailing list:


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