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Rules for SSAC - Repeat-Roundel Sextet

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: unknown

Shoot Begins: Monday, January 1, 3010
Shoot Ends: Tuesday, January 2, 3010
Scores must be Submitted by: Wednesday, June 1, 3014 and within 30 days of being shot.


Proposed Shoot - Repeat

May be considered for repeat beginning with Summer 2014
Qualified Seasons: Winter

The Roundel Sextet competition is derived from the modern King and Queen�s competitions of �The National Crossbowmen of the USA� where it is used as the final round for the top scoring crossbow archers. The target consists of six roundels in a circle around a central point. Below are examples of King�s Round and Queen�s Round targets of the modern �The National Crossbow of the USA�. These give an example of what can be done with targets of this style. Note the roundel targets for the �Roundel Sextet� are not three ring, only two ring.

For the SSAC the target consists of six roundels, five in a circle around a central roundel such that it will fit on many standard backstops. Each roundel is 9 inches in diameter with a 3-inch diameter pin or dot in the center. The roundels may be of any colors as long as long as the roundel is of a contrasting color to its background and the pin a contrasting color to the roundel. The first roundel is placed at the top center of the target and the others are placed equidistant from each other within a 30-inch diameter circle. The exact placement with the circle is not critical. The first example below shows the 30 inch circle only for reference in making your target, it is not a required element to shoot, the other two provide sample artwork courtesy of Lady Johanna of An Tir.

The competition for both Open and Period divisions is shot at a measured 20 yards, except the youth division is shot at 15 yards.

The competition consists of four ends of six arrows or bolts. Each archer is to shoot only one arrow or bolt at a time at each roundel and alternates shooting with the other archers. All archers must have shot once at a roundel before moving on to the next, it is not required that they hit the roundel to continue to the next. The competition has a total of twenty-four arrows or bolts and a possible maximum score of ninety points.


  1. Standard. Roundel = 1, Pin = 3
  2. Reversed scoring. Roundel = 3, Pin = 1
  3. Bonus. Standard scoring. Hits to �all� six roundels give a six point bonus.
  4. Double Bonus. Standard scoring. Hits to �all� six pins give a twelve point bonus.

If an archer should happen to shoot more than one arrow or bolt into the same roundel, then none of their arrows in that roundel count.

Only arrows hitting the roundel at which the archer was aiming are to be counted.For Example: If you were aiming at #1 and hit #2 instead, it does not count. It is up to the honor of the archer not count those arrows. If on the next turn you aimed at #2 and hit it, then by the rules neither arrow would count because you would have two arrows in the same target.

The SSAC General Rules apply to this competition.

The roundels may be constructed from nine inch paper plates or stiff paper, cardboard or foam-core with the three inch pin drawn or attached in the center. If the roundels are drawn directly on a larger backing, you could add to the period appearance by including a decorative border and an appropriate central design. Any additional design should not distract from the roundels. (Note. The additional decorative elements are not required, only suggested.)

Once again a scoresheet (PDF) is provided courtesy of Lady Johanna of An Tir.


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