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Rules for Renard Round

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: 3/23/20

About this Shoot

This shoot was proposed by Robert Ferguson a member of the Greenwood company of the Midrealm archers.  This is a deceptively easy shoot, but once you run one you will learn that the 10 rounds at twenty yards are not as easy as it seems.

This shoot can be done year-round anywhere you can shoot at 20 yards.


·         Using standard target faces set up as many as you have archers for.

·         10 ends of 6 arrows each (untimed) at a 60 cm FITA target set at 20 yds.

·         The 10 ends must be shot in a row (no breaks)

·         Handbows and crossbows may be used and should be designated

Scoring (rings only):

         Yellow – 5 points

         Red – 4 points

         Blue – 3 points

         Black – 2 points

         White – 1 point

Standard rules apply: Line touch means score to archer’s favor


When submitting scores, please provide the following:

·         SCA Name

·         Mundane Name

·         Local Group (barony, canton, shire)

·         Bow Type

·         Score for each end


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