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Official Adult 2012 Ranks

Here is a list of the Official Royal Rounds - Adult 2012 Ranks. This Shoot awards a single rank based on the highest average of all weapons used.

The Scorekeeper last approved scores for this shoot on: unknown

   Ludicrous Bowman      (Averages of 120 and greater)
  Name Group Weapon Score
  There is no one with a Official Rank of Ludicrous Bowman.
   Grand Master Bowman      (Averages of 100 - 119)
  Name Group Weapon Score
  There is no one with a Official Rank of Grand Master Bowman.
   Master Bowman      (Averages of 80 - 99)
  Name Group Weapon Score
1 Wolfric Hammerfestning Fettburg Open Bow 99.7
   Bowman      (Averages of 60 - 79)
  Name Group Weapon Score
2 Sveinn Ulfsson Hawk`s Haven Open Bow 75.3
3 Angus MacDonald Fettburg Open Bow 75.0
4 Eric Ralston Mists Open Bow 74.0
5 Joseph de la Tour Vinhold Open Bow 71.3
6 Mark von dem Falkensfenn Caldarium Open Bow 67.0
7 Angelo d`Amico Fettburg Open Bow 65.7
8 Elynor Palmer Caldarium Open Bow 63.3
9 Tryggr Bjornsson Wolfscairn Open Bow 62.3
10 Zaid al-fallah Hajii Fettburg Open Bow 61.7
   Archer      (Averages of 40 - 59)
  Name Group Weapon Score
11 Michael of the Barony Fettburg Open Bow 56.7
12 Michael of Westermark Westermark Open Bow 56.7
13 Michael of Fox Wood Wolfscairn Open Bow 55.7
14 Arnora Ulfsdottir Wolfscairn Open Bow 46.3
   Novice      (Averages of 20 - 39)
  Name Group Weapon Score
15 Bjorn Helgason Vinhold Open Bow 32.3
16 Gabriel Darceye Wolfscairn Open Bow 31.3
   Recruit      (Averages of 0 - 19)
  Name Group Weapon Score
  There is no one with a Official Rank of Recruit.

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